The Attitude Seed Bank UK Review (

First, we have to hand it to the Attitude Seed Bank right out of the gate due to their website and other top 10 seed banks.

In our humble opinion, the most important part of any seedbank’s website is the FAQ’s.
This tells you all you want to know about delivery, payment, and whether they ship to the USA.

Right at the top of the navigation page, FAQ’s is an option to navigate to. When going to a new seed company website, the first thing we want to know is not that they have 10,000 different strains of cannabis or that the seeds were chanted over by Tibetan Lamas, but whether they deliver to the USA.

Click on the FAQ button and everything you need to know is there. Yes, they do deliver to the USA. Yes, the do deliver by Royal Mail. Yes, they do accept debit and credit cards (with the exception of Mastercard and Maestro.) Yes, they do accept wire transfers, cash, and cryptocurrencies.

One thing we like is that if you want to be experimental and most of us are, you can buy as little as one seed rather than lay out the money for a 5 or 10 pack,

Of course, you get a discount if you choose 10 seeds rather than 1 to 5, but having the option to choose a whole bunch of seeds opens up an entirely different word for cannabis horticulturists.

Attitude Seed Bank certainly qualifies as one of the top seed banks in Europe and you get freebies for every order over £50.

Our only complaint with Attitude is that they don’t categorize all of their seeds into auto flowering, feminized, regular, medicinal, by THC level or growing difficulty.

Once you click on a brand there is all the valuable information you need, but it could be significantly easier to select your favorite brand if they categorized their website more.

Attitude Seed Bank looks like a great place to buy however, and we give it 4 stars.

Best Fish Tank Filters: Penn Plax Cascade 600 VS. MarineLand filter

Fish wastes, excess food, dead plants, and algae would be built up in the tank and hovering around the aquarium. If you want to keep your tank clean, ensure that the tank water is a good condition for your fish lives a long, happy life, the best fish tank filters are essential.

The fish tanks filter will do the work to encourage beneficial bacteria growth and remove harmful waste and debris from your tank.

In this post we will introduce to you 2 of the most functional, reliable and superior quality models that you should consider: Penn Plax Cascade 600 Submersible Aquarium Filter VS. MarineLand Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter.

#1 The filter capacity

It is obvious that the larger tanks require a more powerful and higher capacity filter to process all the water. Penn Plax Cascade is the fully submersible aquarium filter.

It is designed to work for the aquarium from 20 to 50 gallons tanks since it has the ability of delivers 175 gallons per hour. MarineLand Magnum filter can be used for up to 97 gallons tank. It is capable of filtering 290 gallons of water per hour, which makes it a perfect device for large0sized tanks.

However, in order to get the best result, you are recommended to use these filters for the tanks that under its capacity rated.

#2 Water flow rate

The flow rate of water is also important since some fish prefer rough water because that is what the would be used to in natural habitat, while some other fish want a placid tank since the strong flow rate makes them get hard to swim.  You might get the filter that can be able to adjust the flow rate.

Penn Plax is designed with directional water flow as well as the adjustable pump head. So you can ensure that you can regulate the water flow rate to adapt the preferences of your fish.

Marineland has a flow rate that is too powerful for the aquarium that less than 35 gallons. The diffuser can be adjusted but not so much to reduce the low rate.

#3 Filtration System

Penn Plax filter comes with active carbon cartridge that paly the role of removing any toxic chemicals, discoloration, pollutants, foul odors and other dirt particles. It also includes an internal sponge, which encourages the growth of beneficial aerobic bacteria.

MarineLand will guarantee water clarity due to its three-phase filtration system and water polishing. Especially, it features with the dual-chamber container houses carbon or customizable filter media.

#4 Maintenance

MarineLand requires replacing the filter every two to four week and you will need to buy the replacement filters separately. And you will have to clean the micron cartridge once per month. However, the advantage is that the cleaning and maintenance process of this filer is not troublesome.

Penn Plax sponge filter requires to be replaced more often. It also makes it complicated to change carbon.

Best Guinea Pig Cage for 2: AmazonBasics Cage VS. MidWestWabbitat Deluxe Cage

Guineas pigs do not require any complicated housing. They just need the cage that provides them enough space, safety, ventilation and guinea pig bedding ideas. Since guinea pigs are a social animal, they should be kept in pairs or small groups.

Due to this, if you plan to keep more than one pet, you will need to give them the cage with plenty of space. In this post, we will recommend two of the best guinea pig cage for 2: AmazonBasics Small Animals Cage VS. MidWest Home for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Cage.

#1 Guinea Pigs space requirement

Generally, you should provide a single pig with at least 7,5 square feet and 2 guinea pigs are recommended to have about 10,5 square feet of space in their cage. However, it is always better to choose the largest cage as possible.

AmazoneBasics offer 3 sizes of the cage are jumbo, standard and large. But the jumbo size is ideal if you want to have multiple cavies. This cage is measure 28,6 x 26,6 x 20,6 inches.

Actually, MidWest Wabbitat cage is designed for rabbits, but it also can be the best cage for two guinea pigs. It is because this cage is quite spacious. The XL cage measures 47.16 x 23.62 x 19.68 inches.

#2 Easy to clean

In order to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria in the cage surfaces, you will need to clean your cage regularly. Both AmazonBasic and MidWest Wabbitat are made of plastic-wire material, which makes them very easy to clean with water.

AmazonBasics is also very easy to assemble or disassemble, you can disassemble the cage and through cleaning the cage whenever you want.

It also allows you easy to access inside thought large opening at the top of the cage, which makes it easy when you need to clean the cage.

MidWest Wabbitat features a 5,5 inch deep easy to clean. Furthermore, It includes a large top door and 2 side doors that can open the full width of the home, which makes it easy to access and clean the cage.

#3 Added Features

Some extra features of the guinea pigs such as elevated platform, balconies, hiding space, ramps are not also provided your pets more features to explore, encourage them to do the activity, but also increase the floor of space inside the cage for your guinea pigs.

AmazonBasics cage comes with an elevated platform to increase the space and create the balcony with access ramp, it is also featured with a non-drip water bottle, hay guard, and tip-proof food dish.

MidWest Wabbitat includes the elevated feeding area that creates a private space underneath. Moreover, this cage also comes with a removable hay feeder, water bottle, and feeding bowl.

From Ciccio Heaven Sea And Earth

Nice nice

Well-kept cuisine, a must try. Friendly staff and quiet place. Account in the norm. Recommended.

Excellent service and dishes

Relaxing location, staff who pamper you and present each course with extraordinary care, chef who makes each dish a sensory journey … Each dish made with refined and above all local raw materials, a refined variety of oil and an excellent wine !! There is no lack of pampering by the chef who offers special and new “goodies”.
(The linguine you will see in the photos are a 1/2 portion, yes because to taste more things we have divided) What can we say we will definitely be back.

Autumn summer!

We have been to this restaurant tonight, together with another couple of friends. The location was beautiful even if it was a rainy evening. We were immediately greeted by the staff who were impeccable in everything. Always attentive to all customer needs and requests, also agreeing to some small whims. Compliments! We had a really good time with dishes prepared in a workmanlike manner, in which we notice the search for the raw material and feel the balance of flavors. Impeccable raw material, from fresh fish and a wide choice of wines and extra virgin oils. My appetizer with seafood, cuttlefish, squid, shrimp and octopus steamed left me speechless! Delicious! Excellent value for money. Highly recommended!

Pizzeria Donna Stella

Pizza at the top!

My wife and I took a classic Margherita pizza and a fried one, so that we could taste both, and we can say that we were fully satisfied both for the dough and for the goodness of the raw materials used for the seasoning. In addition to the excellent food, the cordial, friendly and sunny welcome is also 5-star. They also accepted our little dog without any problem. Attentive and fast service. The restaurant is rustic in style. The price is consistent with the quality of the food we have eaten.

Pizza Sisters

Pizza of all tastes, always of quality. artisan preparation of Neapolitan dough. To try absolutely.

The Neapolitan pizza with a capital P!

Location unfortunately a bit hidden because the quality compared to the place where the restaurant is located is truly remarkable. Simple and absolutely familiar environment, the fried foods (the cuoppo is a set of fried foods) are amazing, dry and fragrant. Truly exceptional pizzas. Perfect leavening and well seasoned and tasty. Absolutely to try. Normal prices.

Delicious pizza!

We were in this place on an August evening driven by good reviews and we can only confirm them! The pizza is delicious, the service is fast and the staff very kind.
Tiramisu is also very good.
The place is very nice and particular in its simplicity, you have dinner under a beautiful lemon grove!
Absolutely recommended!

Cafe Europa


We were greeted cold by the owner who we do not know who opened the door for us, so kindness apart from the coffee is excellent, I would like to know, mastery on the part of the author, which sweet blend you use … Thanks

Leave it to competent and educated people

I’m sorry to denote what happened in our brief stop in April in the company of friends. I always put education and kindness first in the facilities I use to have a drink or something and in this artisan “ice cream” bar there really is no good taste in everything. I refer primarily to the lady, I think the owner, who, barely saying goodbye as soon as we entered and not even thinking about it when we left the restaurant, after having taken two coffees and two ice creams, not even the time to sip, which already presents us with the receipt even if we had to run away without paying.
To play down the matter, I would like to mention this by saying with a funny face: “Madam excuse me at least one lick of ice cream also because I have my hands busy”. She looks at me with an air of annoyance and also makes a nod like: Ehh how to say ”
But aren’t you even a little ashamed to stand behind a counter and serve people who come in with a smile and enthusiasm? But if you don’t feel like working or if at that age you think you are resting, do it! You are your business card and as such you also respect the quality of what you sell: horrible coffee, artisan ice cream but de chè? scruffy place and dirty bathroom .. I wouldn’t even recommend it to my worst enemy …
Give space to those who want to work and step aside if you are not up to it. Remember also that at your age and in your activity, education is a must

A good coffee

They really make good coffee. The staff is very nice and helpful. You can enjoy a coffee or a pastry sitting outside to see the view, it is very relaxing. I don’t know how they manage to continue their work, with a giant like De Riso next to them. Here in the village it is highly appreciated. To try