Frequently asked questions about best cheese plane

If you are looking for the cheese plane that can help you easier to consistently slice thin, even pieces that are pleasant to eat or safer to use in family kitchen, then nothing better than the best cheese plane.

However, do you know what types of cheese should be sliced with cheese plane and how to slice them? This post will clear up most common queries of use when using a cheese plane.

#1 What is the difference between a cheese plane and a wire slicer?

A cheese wire is a fine, very tense wire that is especially effective at cutting through medium to hard cheese. The cheese plane is made of stainless steel and a sharp blade with the hole above. It enables you to scrape off slices of cheese which then pass through that hole. A cheese plane is a utensil that is very similar to a peeler and it can shave off thin slices of cheese.

#2 What type of cheese do cheese place work best for?

I do not recommend using a cheese plane with all cheeses. It is better to use it for relatively young medium hard to hard cheeses that are fairly uniform in texture, such as young gouda, Manchego, or Comté.

The other types of cheeses that are harder, more aged and crumbly should be cut with a blade cutting broad for best results.

#3 Can you adjust the cheese thickness of cheese plane

This type of cheese slicer is best for cutting thin, precise and even slices and there is no way to adjust the thickness of the cut in most plane models. However, you can make the slices a bit thinner or thicker by holding it at a shallower or steeper angle.

One more thing that most the cheese planes do not allow you to change the width. That means your cheese plane may not wide enough to plane big blocks of cheese. Typically, They’re anywhere from 2″ to 4″ wide.

If you want to handle a large block of cheese, I think you should use the board cheese slicer. The blade of the cutting board is long enough to handle a large chunk of cheese.

#4 Do we need to sharpen the blade regularly?

No, it is not really necessary. Because most blades of cheese planes are made of stainless steel that is durable and rust-resistant. The blade will not quickly get blunt so you don’t need to sharpen it regularly.