Cafe Europa


We were greeted cold by the owner who we do not know who opened the door for us, so kindness apart from the coffee is excellent, I would like to know, mastery on the part of the author, which sweet blend you use … Thanks

Leave it to competent and educated people

I’m sorry to denote what happened in our brief stop in April in the company of friends. I always put education and kindness first in the facilities I use to have a drink or something and in this artisan “ice cream” bar there really is no good taste in everything. I refer primarily to the lady, I think the owner, who, barely saying goodbye as soon as we entered and not even thinking about it when we left the restaurant, after having taken two coffees and two ice creams, not even the time to sip, which already presents us with the receipt even if we had to run away without paying.
To play down the matter, I would like to mention this by saying with a funny face: “Madam excuse me at least one lick of ice cream also because I have my hands busy”. She looks at me with an air of annoyance and also makes a nod like: Ehh how to say ”
But aren’t you even a little ashamed to stand behind a counter and serve people who come in with a smile and enthusiasm? But if you don’t feel like working or if at that age you think you are resting, do it! You are your business card and as such you also respect the quality of what you sell: horrible coffee, artisan ice cream but de chè? scruffy place and dirty bathroom .. I wouldn’t even recommend it to my worst enemy …
Give space to those who want to work and step aside if you are not up to it. Remember also that at your age and in your activity, education is a must

A good coffee

They really make good coffee. The staff is very nice and helpful. You can enjoy a coffee or a pastry sitting outside to see the view, it is very relaxing. I don’t know how they manage to continue their work, with a giant like De Riso next to them. Here in the village it is highly appreciated. To try