We Have Acquired Survival Instinct Youtube

Very exciting news here at AmalfiRistoranti.com

Living in the wild is extremely tough without some certain skills, which must be achieved step by step. SURVIVAL INSTINCT is a project carried out by a various number of people from all over the world with the same passion on sharing challenges and survival skills in different harsh conditions.

We have currently been using only this Youtube and our Facebook, all others are fakes ones.
Northern Vietnam, a place with full of unforeseen dangers, such as: poisonous insects, centipedes, snakes which we might have to deal with when moving, climbing and lifting stones, is such a perfect destination for shooting our survival videos.

All the skills in Videos were collected through books, internet and real life experience. Our normal is somehow similar to yours and also different in some aspects.
In order to bring a lifelike performance, we will only use subtitles. Hope you all have interring time when watching our videos.

Nolan, Nolan Friends, Nolan Monkey

We’re thrilled to have Nolan join the team, and join us in helping this website reach a million people.

Thanks !!!