The Attitude Seed Bank UK Review (

First, we have to hand it to the Attitude Seed Bank right out of the gate due to their website and other top 10 seed banks.

In our humble opinion, the most important part of any seedbank’s website is the FAQ’s.
This tells you all you want to know about delivery, payment, and whether they ship to the USA.

Right at the top of the navigation page, FAQ’s is an option to navigate to. When going to a new seed company website, the first thing we want to know is not that they have 10,000 different strains of cannabis or that the seeds were chanted over by Tibetan Lamas, but whether they deliver to the USA.

Click on the FAQ button and everything you need to know is there. Yes, they do deliver to the USA. Yes, the do deliver by Royal Mail. Yes, they do accept debit and credit cards (with the exception of Mastercard and Maestro.) Yes, they do accept wire transfers, cash, and cryptocurrencies.

One thing we like is that if you want to be experimental and most of us are, you can buy as little as one seed rather than lay out the money for a 5 or 10 pack,

Of course, you get a discount if you choose 10 seeds rather than 1 to 5, but having the option to choose a whole bunch of seeds opens up an entirely different word for cannabis horticulturists.

Attitude Seed Bank certainly qualifies as one of the top seed banks in Europe and you get freebies for every order over £50.

Our only complaint with Attitude is that they don’t categorize all of their seeds into auto flowering, feminized, regular, medicinal, by THC level or growing difficulty.

Once you click on a brand there is all the valuable information you need, but it could be significantly easier to select your favorite brand if they categorized their website more.

Attitude Seed Bank looks like a great place to buy however, and we give it 4 stars.